Welcome to our beautiful Warby girls painting group, online coaching!

OH my heart aches that we cant see each other in-person for a time...

BUT... we shall not let anything stop our group from still meeting! For an hour a week we can each get a chance to share our work and chat to everyone online! I will be there to give you some advice and encouragement too!


Our catch ups will be $50 a month (about $13.00 a week) this is so that you can also do a private session with Heather for a total of about the same as you would for usual classes ($30)

The main thing is we still keep meeting, so I hope you can join us!


During this time we can share what work we are working together, and encourage each other!

If you want to also have a private session, there is an option in this link: https://www.patreon.com/join/HB


Just email me if you have any further questions! Once you send this payment you will get an email in the next 24 hours with a link to the group meeting for that week. All you will need to do then is show up on time.. WITH YOUR painting to share!


Hope to see you before too long!

Much, much LOVE,


Heather & Jaqui xxxx


Warburton Girls online catch up! - Begins Tuesday 7th - 11am

Group and or Private coaching options a month