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eBook & video tutorial

Intro video coming soon!




This tutorial is a mini version of a painting I did during an Easter event. I had 3 hours from start to finish to do it. The theme was about life, and how the flower can remind us of birth, or new life, of a new day, a new beginning. The sheer beauty of a rose, or any flower for that matter is enough to remind us to take time to appreciate the air in our lungs, the beauty around us that is never ending from a tiny insect to the huge trees and stunning landscape around us! If you havent looked into the ebook, do take a look it has some lovely reflections and pics of me at the time of painting too! I hope you really enjoy this painting! Please show me your finished piece!

Click on image below to download the eBook

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Time lapse


Full length tutorial

Part 1

Watch a full length videos tutorial to see exactly how to paint this image from start to finish.

Second video

Part 2 is below


Full length tutorial

Part 2

Coming soon!

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