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Brush with the Creator 82 page full colour paperback book

Brush with the Creator Soft cover

  • This delightful full colour book is full of vibrant images of Heather Bradbury's paintings, inspired by nature, and soul inspiring words by Dee Kaylock. Readers are invited to explore creativity, nature and spirit through images and words. 'Brush with the Creator' is a perfect gift for anyone interested in finding a quiet place to hear the Creators voice. Endorsement: With the combined power of word and image, this delightful and refreshing book takes us right to the heart of the matter. With universal themes that flow from authentic narratives, it delivers on the promise to encourage and inspire. ‘brush with the Creator’ opens a door to a much-needed space, where the renewal of hope and the possibility of healing can become part of our story. Dr. Colin Harbinson - International Director, - StoneWorks Global Arts Initiative Are you longing for a still, peaceful place to chill? In ‘brush with the Creator' Heather and Mardee offer a journey that will help you find that place amidst the busyness of life. Pause, notice, consider, be brave, close your eyes, incline your ears and listen.… Before too long you will hear and see a choir of colour and movement from the centre of the Creator’s heart. Heather & Mardee are artists, mums, wives and inspirers of creative communities around Australia. They have extensive experience as arts practitioners and in leading people into a deeper awareness of the creative life within. They are passionate women who share stories of adventure and risk in their own creative journeys; stories of lessons learnt in wisdom, hope and forgiveness; of lives well lived. They know the brushstroke of the Creator.
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