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Painting classes












Senior class

Enjoy learning about the art of realist painting, or bring along your own projects.

Heather loves to mentor and help other artists achieve what is going to help them in their own creative journey. 

You could request to be mentored and encouraged, to learn how to start your own web site, and have help designing your own promotional material, and or just have a load of fun painting.

Its up to you.


Reflection from a senior student's first class:

"Last week I spent 2 hours with Heather Bradbury at her studio in West Launceston for my first painting lesson and mentoring session!


Our time together was valuable as I learned about gridding out a photo and paper for a detailed painting, mixing colours, discussing my art and why I do what I do and talking about content for my Christie Ann Creations website that I'm working on behind the scenes.


What excited and energized me most on the day was our 15 minute painting! The cool thing was the photo was upside down and I painted what I saw upside down! Painting quickly, looking at the photo and painting colours and shapes in the photo, the painting emerged!


Once the timer dinged, Heather whisked the painting away to remove the masking tape borders. She unveiled it for me to see and I was stoked to see that it looked awesome!

Heather has her artworks for sale and is available for painting lessons and mentoring for emerging artists."


Junior class

Junior classes learn different styles of painting, using many different mediums. Most weeks they will go away with a piece of art. The aim is to teach techniques, develop ideas, care for brushes and broaden their knowledge of the art world. Work with Linen, canvas, paper and more! Oils and acrylic. Students will go away with a broad range of skills to then help them develop into their own amazing artists.

Emphasis is on play, but also on patience as they learn to carefully bring detail to their work.


Reflection from a senior student's parent:

"My daughter absolutly loves her time with Heather and does not like to miss a week. It has totally helped her self confidence. She now will say she is a painter

and is very proud of the work she has produced."


How much does it cost?


Junior classes

go for 1 hour

and are for Primary aged students.

$40.00 for one hour.

If you bring a friend they get half price for first session



Senior classes

go for 2 hours

and are for highschool age and up.

$70.00 for 2 hours.

If you bring a friend they get half price for first session.




When & Where are the classes?


The classes are usually one on one on a Monday or Saturday.

Students can book a session at other times as well if the those days dont suit.

2016 will see Heather running some workshops and possibly weekly sessions, so stay tuned for more info on that or give her a call on 0447 358 006

Classes are held in Heather's studio in Kalorama, Dandenong Ranges Victoria, Australia.



Contact Heather below to book a session for more details.

Include your email and Phone.  Thanks!


Thanks for taking an interest in my classes, I have had so many possitive outcomes, and overwhelmed with support. If you would like to make an enquiry, please email below, but also pop your phone number there, as I have missed a few people sadly as their emails were wrong.

Dont hesitate to call me on 0447 358 006

if you want to chat directly.

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