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fleurieu prize finalist 2013

fleurieu art prize 2013 finalist


Artwork Title     Trust Me
Dimensions     138cm x101cm 

Medium     Oil on Canvas
Price     SOLD
State/Country     Tasmania, Australia


'Trust me' is an interpretation of a photo taken by a surfer/photographer friend in New South Wales (Tim Shaw).  
A wave ready to release all its weight as it curves and crashes, rushing to the beach.  The water finds its way to a calm safe place where all is quiet and peaceful.  This image reminded me of the waves and rough places in our lives.

Sometimes it can feel like life is crashing in all around us, hard to see the way to the shore, and drowning in the discomfort of the daily unresolved.  The words 'Trust me'  remind us of the Creator who intricately moves each of earth's natural events to run smoothly and in perfect harmony.  To trust the Creators timing - It is helpful to know, that the difficult times will settle, and we can find a calm quiet place to rest.




"In every storm or wave there is a creative gift. In every moment, an invitation to go deeper, further, and become stronger. When I was little my dad would take me to the beach.  We would dig moats, sandcastles, and holes waiting for the ocean to swirl into our creation and watch as the water disappeared. As I grew I became surer on my feet and dad would stand behind me holding my hands above my head lifting me over the breaking waves.

One day my father knew I could stand in the waves alone.  He stood alongside me but he knew it was time to turn my back on the waves, trust what I knew of the water and learn to surf it to shore." Dee Kaylock

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