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heather bradbury


commissioned paintings


Imagine a beautiful water-themed hyper-realist painting hanging on your own wall!  You are only a phone call away from making that a reality.  You may have a specific image in mind that you have been wanting to have on your wall in the form of a painting. You may also not be completely sure of what you are wanting, but are interested in finding out more.

You can have a no-obligation appointment over coffee to talk more.  As to the price, that will vary depending on the detail and the size. Paintings start from around $600. Commissioned paintings are available in a variety of sizes.  Depending on the detail of the image and the time it takes to paint. Heather has payment plans for those who dont have all the funds right away and still want to see your painting on your wall!

A 20% deposit is needed to kick off the job. Payment plans are available interest free, over 18mth period, paying per week or month. Eg. For $3000 painting it would be $38.45 a week. How long will it take? The whole process can take up to 6- 8 weeks,  depending on the detail and the other work at the time. Next steps... All you need to do next is just send me an email and we can arrange to chat over your ideas, whatever they may be. Have a think about the size, the content, where the painting is to be hung, and we can go from there. Send your thoughts below for no obligation quote and initial chat, and Heather will get back to you shortly.

Example of sizes and prices:


35x35cm   $  600 


40x70cm   $1500   


60x91cm   $3000  


84x106cm $5000


18 month payment plans available

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