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Consider the lilies

eBook & video tutorial



Consider the lilies

Sometimes I have an image in my mind and try to re-enact it the best I can. This was one of those attempts. I wanted a close up of a water-drop on a pink flower. I took a day or so to photograph some different flowers with a wonderful close up lens on my camera. I managed to capture this just as I had imagined!


On occasions also I get invited to paint at events. I was asked in this case to be part of a creative celebration event called “Sounds of the Nations” I settled into the foyer for the weekend with my paints and really enjoyed painting and chatting to people about what I was doing.  This image says many things. The bright colours remind me of life, fun and spontaneity. On a deeper level the image as a whole was to be a reminder to ‘stop and look at the roses’ so to speak!  Read more about this in the ebook...

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Time lapse


Full length tutorial

Watch a full length video tutorial to see exactly how to paint this image from start to finish.

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