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the water carriers
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"The Watercarriers" is the result of a dynamic and complimentary collaboration between 2 friends, MarDee Kaylock and Heather Bradbury. 



We are artists, community leaders, mentors, wives, and mothers. 

 Together we have over 40 years of experience working with communities & corporations in government & private sectors. We are dedicated to helping others understand their unique value, and how to develop their potential as part of a bigger picture within their work and community contexts. We are deeply passionate about the essential role creativity plays in day to day life and our goal is to encourage others to live creatively, with awareness that nurtures compassion, generosity and justice. 


We do this through the creation of books (Brush with the Creator), classes, courses (Your Heart Your Voice), workshops, retreats, individual mentoring for established and emerging artists as well as individual spiritual direction services for those searching for more.


Click on the link below to read more or book at our Watercarriers website.




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