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eBook & video tutorial

Intro video coming soon!




This mini course is being recorded and written during a second lock-down for Covid-19. During 2020! I think it is very interesting that I am putting this particular piece together as we are restricted to certain hours of movement around the community, restricted to how much we shop and what we do and when. Certainly not what you would think as a “Free” way to be at the moment.


I find this interesting because I also find myself at this time becoming more and more grateful for what I have. I think of my Mum talking about being in a war when she was a young child. The restrictions they had on food and also limiting how much light came from the headlights on their cars too!


When I focus on what I am grateful for and not on what I don’t have, it is like a door to freedom! You are in control of what you think and feel and it helps to relax the body soul and spirit!

Click on image below to download the eBook

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Time lapse


Full length tutorial

Part 1

Watch a full length videos tutorial to see exactly how to paint this image from start to finish.

Second video

Part 2 is below


Full length tutorial

Part 2

Coming soon!

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