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prints for your wall
prints of various sizes for you to enjoy



YES! I do have prints of all my paintings, in three sizes.  All of Heather's paintings are for sale in two print sizes, signed and catalogued. The prints will vary slightly in size according to the proportion of the original size.  Add $3.00 for postage



Extra large (A1)  $220 84x60  Large (A2) (60x42cm) $150.00   Small (A4) 21x30cm $60.00

These are unmounted and mailed in a cardboard tube. If you would like them framed, or with a mount board, just connect with Heather and chat about options, other wise head on over to your local framer and check out what they can do for you. Or pick up a frame second hand!





Prints are a wonderful second option to buying an original. The A1 size is a pretty nice size and would look awesome in a lovely white or natural wood frame with a white mat board around it. I do like to put some space between the matt board and the glass sometimes which adds a really nice touch. Below are two sizes A4 and A2. I do sell A1 also for $260. If you would like to order that size just message me below. I'll get the larger sizes in my shop soon, but don't let that stop you ordering one. :) Thanks for dropping by!


PS >> if you live in Australia and near the Dandenong Ranges. A4 & A3 prints are on a huge special at my stall in Olinda Collective, so go grab yourself an awesome buy!

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