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Masterclass in Photo Realistic Painting

with Artist & Facilitator Heather Bradbury
Take your painting to the next level!


Sunday 19th May 1:30 - 7:00pm
Sunday 9th June 1:30 - 7:00pm

(more dates in selection window)
Normally $239 May special $195

Come for a full afternoon and discover loads of tips on how to create stunning photo-realistic paintings even if you have been to a workshop before, this one will be led by what YOU want to learn!
Whether you are a complete beginner or have been painting for years. This workshop is now open to you all!

Treat it like a private class with Heather, where you can glean all the tips and tricks you need
to take you to the next level of your painting journey! 



All materials and morning & arvo tea is provided on the day. 

Explore different ways of making a painting look photo-realistic!

We can explore some different techniques too, including palette knife, and simple strokes with big brushes


Included in the workshop is a filbert brush, Heather's book 'Painting - It's a soul journey' (or if you have that book, a preorder of a new book she will be putting out next year!)


Things we can cover in your session:

(Heather will be directed by what you want to learn)

1. Colour theory to the max!

Have you ever wondered how to mix a certain colour. We will be looking at how you can easily mix up colours by analysing your reference and choosing the right colours to achieve the outcome that you want!

Looking closer at the paint colours that Heather uses, and how to mix tricky colours. Eg. Sky, skin and leaves can all come in different colours. Do some trial colour mixing and practice mixing any colour you want with some great tips! 

2. How to edit photos and put a grid on your own photos.

Learn simple ways to put a grid on your own photos, and for those who already know this, we will look at how to edit your photos to get them looking the best they can for your reference.

for those of you able to put your grids on already, we will look at how you can crop, edit and be super happy with your photo reference. There are some tricks in getting good contrast and more tips on how to make the grids work best for your specific painting. 

3. Applying paint with the right brushes

What brushes do you use to get certain effects with your painting. We will look at a number of brushes and how you can get great results when you use the right tool! We will explore some different brushes in detail, including experimenting with a rigger brush to make very fine hair effects. So if you missed the feather and hair workshop you will love this!

4. Blending & Contrasts & large brushes

Two really important keys to making a painting look real and alive! We will look at the elements that can open your eyes to seeing the darks and lights in an image in a new way. Enjoy the power of a large painting and large brush strokes we will be practicing what it feels like to use big brushes and large painting space to create lovely blended backgrounds.

5. Painting Water and maybe even Hair

We will end the day by practicing the things learned through a painting of water! Take home a small photo-realistic painting that will surprise you! Be surprised at how much you have learned and what new things you will learn during this activity too! (Heather will be led by what you want to do in this section, and can pivot to doing more impressionist style if needed too!) If you have done this workshop before we will be exploring some different outcomes in your final piece. 

6. What you go home with...

Learning the key elements to making a painting look photo realistic

A number of techniques that can help you be more confident in your own paintings

A clear understanding of colour and how to mix the colour you need

How to use a selection of brushes that are great for detail

You will learn how to put a grid on a photo & for some, how to edit your photos too.

A painting of water (and possibly an animal if you want to go to next level)

Your very own book, a brush and some medium too!

Like to know more?

Email Heather at:

Masterclass in Photo-realistic Painting with Heather

$239.00 Regular Price
$195.00Sale Price
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