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YOUR HEART YOUR VOICE ( a one day jump start workshop for 2019)


Start the way you intend to finish!!

2019 is upon us and what better way to start the new year than to take the time to set your feet in the right direction?


Come and create with us 

- your own 2019 journal for all those random and beautiful thoughts and reflections

- your own affirmation blackboard to remind you of your priorities in the busy seasons

- your own painting reminding you of what is important for you to focus on this year


Come and listen to what this year is inviting you to hold onto and let go of...


Spend the day with 2 amazing artist mentors & the directors of Kapi Art Space in Kalorama


You will 

- create a beautiful journal to carry through your year

- discover and/or further explore your personal theme for the year

- ways to access creative thinking and build new mindsets

- learn new ways of responding and seeing the gifts/challenges of 2019

- learn mindfulness skills, relaxation, visualisation exercises


And take home some new ideas, skills, and exercises to enhance your year

A day of pondering, planning, focussing and setting measurable goals!

Your Heart Your Voice - One day workshop

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