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Artists Statement


"Water is life itself, we need it as we need air to fill our lungs,  however, consider the consequence when the water doesn't stop, when the power it holds becomes destructive, when the turbluence it creates overwhelms." MarDee Kaylock


I want to take a journey into the small, almost unseen world, that can remind us of the intricate details of a Creator. Real and alive, Creation whispers as loud as we are willing to listen. A miraculous sunrise every day. A shower of rain will leave its glistening trail. Water is not always quiet and peaceful, but there is meaning in each memory. My paintings are big and detailed with waterdroplets in order to draw me into a closer appreciation of the simple but profound.


"A moment as the water pools and gathers on leafs end before the droplet falls. In the moment of falling is blessing. One rain drop holds inside it life’s reflection. Oh to see deeper with our eyes our home our heart and the blessings of the stranger." Mardee Kaylock


Each painting is a fresh entry in my visual journal. A glimpse into the present, rippling hope and deep joy through the challenges and delights that life brings.

Artists CV


Heather was born in Rochester, Victoria, Australia in 1966 and currently lives in West Launceston, Tasmainia. She is a wife and mother of four boys and has worked in the media and graphic design industry for around twenty-six years, connecting with people from all over the world. She loves drawing and painting large photo realistic images inspired by nature and water droplets.


Her work is a visual diary, reflecting the life and hope that water brings. Heather was a finalist in the Tasmanian Glover Prize in 2013 & a finalist in the Fleurieu Art Prize Adelaide 2013. She held two exhibitions in Tasmania in 2013, and produced a book based around her works.


She has been a coordinator and manager for many community programs including festivals, arts programs and retreats. Heather also enjoys working with indigenous artists, walking in the Australian bush, and spending time with her family.






1996 Graduated in Diploma of Graphic Design.

1997-2013 Worked in the Graphic Design industry.

2000-2009 Producer and designer for local Tasmanian country

town newspaper and National youth magazine.

2005 Graduated in Diploma in Youth and Community Work

2007-2013 Production manager & co-ordinator for annual Faith

and the Arts Summer School and Artists retreats.

2002-2010 Worked with Indigenous Artists in Central Australia to produce

large artworks for youth festivals and programs in Yulara and Mutitjulu NT.

2004-2007 Worked in Albania & Greece coordinating creative

festival activities around the Greece Olympic games.

2012 Began painting professionally

2013 Finalist in the Tasmanian Glove Prize.

         Finalist in the Fleurieu Art Prize Adelaide.




July 2013 Poatina Tree Gallery

September 2013 Launceston Tramsheds




Full colour book titled ‘Brush with the Creator’ Published October 2013.

Co-authored with Mardee Kaylock.


Feature in Art Edit magazine April 2014


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