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heather bradbury

heather bradbury


Right there in the middle!

Christmas this year was the second without my Mum around. There is an empty part in my soul. I do miss her, but there are also many smiles and wonderful memories that now fill that space with joy as the years roll by.

We enjoyed a wonderful full family time over Christmas. I smile as I looked back over the photos. We all visited my Dad a few days after Christmas. I noticed something I did not see before.

Right there in the middle of the photo was a painting. The leaf was from a rose bush just outside the house. The photo used for this image was of rain that had just fallen on my Mums roses the day after her funeral. A smile formed on my face! She was there that day!

She taught me to love creation, to find joy in the Creator, now I find that expression as I immerse myself in my art!

I have blogged very little since that time, three years ago. A lot has changed in our lives since then. So begins a new journey.

My journey is not perfect, (far from it) or refined or concise. But it is my journey, and in it I find ways of joy and peace as a Mum a wife, a friend and exploring the wonderful art of oils, realism and mentoring others.

Come with me if you will, or maybe you wont. I dont mind, just drop in when you can. The door is always open!

What a handsome/beautiful bunch!

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