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heather bradbury

heather bradbury


A delight to paint!

Heather's latest commission called 'JOY'

Last year I had a lovely message from a friend who had fallen in love with one of my rock and water paintings. "We have a big space that needs filling in our lounge room, and we need a larger size painting. I'm wondering what size your painting is and how much is is?" This conversation lead to a wonderful collaboration together.

The painting she had seen and loved had already sold, so we began to talk about what painting she would love in her own home. "I really do love rocks and water: they are amazing!".

My friend ended up travelling to Devonport in Tasmania (where I had taken many photos in the past) and took her own photos from the river there. (The Mersey River) She took some amazing photos of these colourful rocks. When they are dry there is very little colour, but when the water washes over the rocks the colour is amazing! The light reflects thousands of beautiful shiny jewels lying in the sun.

Each time I paint something I use it as a visual journal. I ask myself, "What can I see in this image that reflects my life at this time?" Every time a name will come to mind for the painting. This painting is called 'JOY'.

I had been reflecting on the importance of focusing on the many joyful things in my life.

The amazing thing is that my friend at the same time was reading about JOY, how it isn't just another emotion, but it is a fruit of our life, it brings strength and brings us alive. 'Perhaps' I thought.. it is just like these rocks when the water comes their way.

"I fell in love with Heather's paintings when I saw an exhibition a few years ago, never thinking I would own one of my own! At the beginning of the process, I thought it would be really cool to take a photo and have Heather paint that. We both chose this picture. She sent me lots of progress photos over the weeks she took to paint it, which I loved! Thank you Heather, I absolutely love this painting!"

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