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as part of Dandenong Ranges Open Studio

at Kapi Art Space 

30th March - 6th April 2019

Welcome to all of the students of Kapi Art Space!


This is your chance to show off your work to the wider world!


It is a very exciting time again coming up with the Dandenong Open Studios on our doorstep and a chance for you to display your work for a whole 7 days in the Gallery space! How fun is that!


How does that work? If you have between 1 - 3 pieces of work you would like to have on display, you can fill out the following form and only need to pay $20 to enter no matter how many paintings you submit.  (You can pay when you submit art by cash or card) You can also sell your work, or you can say "not for sale". 


My hope is that most of you will be brave enough to enter a piece of work and invite along your family and friends to have a look!


We will be having an informal opening of the exhibition on Saturday 30th March around 4:30 at the beginning of our live Jazz gigg  from 4:30 - 6:30

Students can stay on for the whole 2 hours to enjoy the Jazz at half price! ($10)

(can pay on the day)


Could you please fill in the form below with all the details of all your paintings that you would like to submit. THANKS!!! Cant wait to see them all up on the walls! SO EXCITING!





Enter your information about your
art here: (max 3 paintings)

Thanks for submitting!

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