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"Heather has incredible vision and heart!


Her work in community building and her servant hearted attitude has contributed to building strong relationships with artists and art communities right across the nation.  She is a skilled and disciplined artist who is inspirational in her passion and energy. Her work is insightful and her heart generous. 


I am inspired by her capacity to not only engage but initiate action around poverty and justice issues in remote indigenous communities.  The artists eye, the technicians skill and the Masters heart are all evident in her character and her work!"


MarDee Kaylock 

Founder & Director - The CAF network














"Heather Bradbury is without doubt one of the most creative and inspiring people I’ve ever met.


I’ve had the pleasure of working closely with Heather for the past 10 years and it’s hard to describe and do justice to all she has done in that time. Heading up a major media department and co-leading large arts programs, Heather has demonstrated an unfailing love and commitment for her creative work and the bigger picture, in all its fullness.


This has led her to an incredibly diverse range of activities both nationally and internationally, causing her to develop high-level skill in more areas than most could contemplate in a lifetime. Heather is a brilliant painter, graphic artist and designer, web designer, film-maker and producer. She is also a teacher, a highly skilled leader, an experienced community-builder and an active social entrepreneur.  Always sharing her skills and often working quietly behind the scenes, she is passionate about her family and local community’s well being as well as playing key roles in cutting-edge community development work throughout the world.


Her desire to live out what is best for everyone is an inspiration to me and to others, and I unreservedly recommend her as a treasure of utmost value to anyone who would seek her skills."


Keith Dougall

Poatina Arts Coordinator

Poatina Hot Glass Studio &

Alethea Mountain Retreat Arts Centre









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