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2015  |  Oil on canvas  | 101cm x 76cm


For over a decade, my family spent regular time in Central Australia, connecting with our Aboriginal neighbours, learning much about their land and their culture. It was a precious time, as we came face to face with those that offered their wisdom and life to us “white fellas”. This image had been on my mind for some time. The water being poured is an Aboriginal Elder, into a younger aboriginal woman’s hands, then into my white hands. 


I am astounded by the generosity and sensitivity the Caretakers of this land showed us, when we invaded their home. They led us to water; they did not want us to die. ‘Survival Day’ is real, (Australia Day for some). 


Let us celebrate those that continue to remind us that we would not be here without their deep wisdom and care.

Life, sustenance & hope.

Let me sit at your feet,

drink from your water,

and hear your wisdom

You have much to share. Mardee Kaylock


Thank you to John Englezos for the use of this photo


I dedicate this image to my dear Anungu friend Rene Kulitja.

Thanks! Message sent.

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