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Painting - its a soul journey

Creative reflections & painting exercises

(eBooks & painting tutorials that can be used as stimulus for any medium, dance, sculpture poetry and more!)


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Full length tutorial 

Watch a full live time tutorial on exactly how I paint, what colours I use and where to start and finish too!


2012  |  Acrylic on canvas  | 100cm x 137cm  | sold

‘Forgiven’ Is an interpretation of a photo taken at a small mountain creek near Poatina,

Tasmania, where Heather lived for 15 years.

Some say the water there is the purest in the world. A source of life, joy, refreshment and hope.
Water is the source of life all over the world and for the wonderful wilderness of Tasmania.

When Heather took this photo, she could not help think of our indigenous friends

who many years before used these water holes to sustain their lives.

The title ‘forgiven’ was what came to mind as her feet touched the water one day,

the refreshing, cleansing, refining water.


Her comments were:

"Without this amazing life giving substance, we would not exist.
I am so thankful and privileged to live in Tasmania

and have access to some of the freshest water in the world!" Heather


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