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Trust me...

Welcome to another painting adventure! This one has quite a few colours! Be sure to make that sunset as bright as you like!

The words "Trust me" will bring up different meanings for everyone who does this exercise. It might mean you have to trust my direction with this tutorial, that you CAN do it and do it well! But what I do know is you have to follow the instructions and be confident that you can do it and the outcome will be great! Read more about why I called this painting 'trust me' in the eBook and have a load of fun riding the beautiful wave! The photo used in this tutorial was gifted by a friend Tim Shaw from NSW.  Thanks Tim, I would like to dedicate this eBook and exercise to your family. 

Click on image below to download the eBook

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Full length tutorial 

Watch a full 70 min tutorial on exactly how I paint, what colours I use and where to start and finish too!

Trust me

Fleurieu Art Prize finalist - September 2013


Artwork Title - Trust Me
Dimensions - 138cm x101cm 

Medium - Oil on Canvas
Price - SOLD
State/Country - Tasmania, Australia


"Sometimes it can feel like life is crashing in all around us, hard to see the way to the shore, and drowning in the discomfort of the daily unresolved.  The words 'Trust me'  remind us of the Creator who intricately moves each of earth's natural events to run smoothly and in perfect harmony.  To trust the Creators timing - It is helpful to know, that the difficult times will settle, and we can find a calm quiet place to rest."

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