Paint & Create


Creative reflections & painting exercises

with Heather Bradbury

Welcome to the Paint & Create Community!

I am pretty excited to have you join me on this new adventure! I have been looking forward to sharing this with you for quite some time now and its finally here! You can engage as little or a much as you want in all the steps! The main thing is you enjoy, and take time to create something that makes your heart sing!

Each of these projects will take you between 1 and 2 hours to complete, depending on what details you want to achieve. Each week you will get access to a new project 12x12cm, cram packed with full length video tutorials, all the paints, brushes you will need and a beautiful eBook with questions and reflections that will help you engage with the image supplied with your own story.

I encourage you to find a special blank journal, buy a canvas pad, and enjoy the process. This is not about the outcome but about the journey! You can be part of a weekly ZOOM group, or just follow along each week on your own. But be sure to join our facebook group, so you can follow along, and see what others are doing too!

Each week you will get an eBook to download, with information about all the materials you will need, gridded photos and reflective exercises too!

Easy to follow from beginners to advanced!


In each course you will get a time lapse video and a full length vide tutorial too! 

How do you register?

Choose one Weekly Group ZOOM classes on:

MONDAY: 11am - 12pm

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Registering below for these group classes gives you free access to the Paint & Create Community courses!

In the group classes you can choose to bring your own project or be part of the weekly Paint & Create community courses. Mini paintings that take 1-2 hours to complete.


Register your preferred day below and you will get an email with a ZOOM link and further details on how to access the free courses too!

Weekly online group coaching - $50 a month

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