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"Painting is more than taking a brush to canvas...


...It is a soul journey." 


Heather Bradbury

Heather Bradbury.jpg

Find your creative dreams!

Take a journey into Heather's visual journal,

as you explore her paintings, her dreams & her passion to help others explore their creative dreams

The meaning of life is to find your gift,

the purpose of life is to give it away.

Pablo Picasso

Creative Programs

Heather offers a variety of ways 

to connect and find your creative voice through painting.

Heather will gently guide you to discover your own

painting style and creative journey.

Group classes or Private classes, now ONLINE!

Stay tuned as we update the group coaching groups too!

Free paint & brush list

Get Heathers personal paint & brush PDF list free to your email

Thank you to Joel Sartore for the licence to use his photo for this oil painting in the header of this page of A pink-sided leaf frog (Agalychnis litodryas) collected near Pilalo, Ecuador.
Joel went to Ecuador to photograph amphibians, primarily frogs back in 2008.
Amphibian species are declining especially rapidly due to a host of issues from chytrid fungus to habitat loss and pollution.

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