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where can you view some of heather works in the flesh?


heather loves visitors, so drop on by!


Heather's studio is situated in the beautiful Dandenong Ranges looking over the Yarra Valley.  With wildlife and wonderful views, a perfect place to paint and be inspired to create!. She loves visitors and would be delighted if you wanted to see her studio and view some of her works. She will even put the kettle on!  You can see a number of her finished works and current pieces still on the go, talk about commissions or buying one of her works, or just enjoy the experience of seeing her works up close, and know they are not photographs!

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Although most of Heathers works are of water, her commissions take on some different subjects which often include portraits. One of her latest portraits is hanging in the Dudley's PizzaRestaurant in Olinda, Dandenong Ranges. (Dudley Gillingham, who used the stage name; Sir Alan Garfield, was a famous wrestler in the UK during the 1950's. He played 236 matches before retiring and is the father of the restaurant's owner, Mary.) So drop on by for a meal and enjoy viewing one of Heather's painting hanging above the fire place. "It feels like he is still here with us! Thank you so much Heather, we are so delighted at what you have done!" Mary Miller

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