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view heathers hyper-realist paintings

heather bradbury
artist   teacher   mentor



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senior classes

explore your creative dreams, gain confidence, skills, & direction.

about heather

Photo-realist Australian painter of water & reflections,

creating spaces for children and adults to explore their creative dreams. 


where can you see heathers work at the moment?


classes for children

helping your child explore creativity and gain confidence through painting & drawing


shop for cards and prints

beautiful cards and prints of all paintings available

creative community building

creative professional community building for your business or group. build confidence and group awarness through creative play.


order brush with the creator book online delivered to your door



fleuieu art prize finalist 2013




view heathers hyper-realist paintings

glover prize finalist 2013

view heathers hyper-realist paintings

what do others say?

comments from those that have worked with heather

creative parties

a unique 2 hr session with a group of friends creating

a collaborative piece to celebrate an occasion

wall art

commission heather to paint a design on your wall options are endless!

your heart your voice course

an eight-week journey to the heart of your creativity


the water carriers

heather works alongside Mardee Kaylock and together they run various programs in creative expressions and exploration.

paintings for sale

check out the paintings heather has currently for sale

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