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Junior Painting classes are for ages 7 - 15 years. 

$225 for a 9 week term - Beginning 29th January

Kapi Studio Kalorama 

Helping your child explore creativity and gain confidence through painting & drawing.


Confident creative children thrive.


Monday afternoons 4:00pm - 5:30pm 

Most materials provided. (As the term progresses sometimes students like to find their own canvases and paints to explore more)


Discover the wonderful world of painting and drawing. Using many different mediums and techniques. Eg. Acrylic, Oils, Watercolour, Pencils. While I do specialise in Oil & Acrylics, I encourage all sorts of mediums to achieve the right outcomes, so do ask!


I hear many parents say their child does not get enough creative input, and when they do, they come alive and thrive! I love helping young people find their creative potential. To encourage them to pursue their dreams and find joy in their creativity.

I have mentored many adults who wish they did not give up painting or drawing when they were young, and they wished someone had seen their potential.  In my 2 hr groupp class, we will take time to hear what your children enjoys to paint or draw. I will have various painting and drawing activities for them to explore, so they can find something they really enjoy. Some draw animals, others people, others enjoy being totally abstract, whatever it is, we enjoy travelling the journey together. There will be a maximum of 7 children in the class so that I can take time to get to know each one and find the best creative journey for them to really enjoy.



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Junior Painting Classes Term 1 - Monday 4:00 - 5:30pm - 9 weeks

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