July 2013  |  Oil on canvas  | 140cm x 119cm  |  sold 


"As the waters rose higher above the ground

the boat floated safely on the surface."Gen7:18



Water is life itself. 

We need it as we need air to fill our lungs, however,

consider the consequence when the water doesn’t stop, when the power it holds becomes destructive,

when the turbulence it creates overwhelms.

“Flood” was inspired by a recent flooding of Cataract Gorge in Tasmania, and it was painted during the Australian bushfire season. Fire and water both elements give life and can destroy everything in their way.

Heather felt the spray of the flood on her face, and heard its screaming roar as it descended in a dance of destruction below her.  In that moment she came to understand the noise and turbulence of her world afresh.  The pain of being broken by its behavior started to emerge and with it a deep knowing that the river will ultimately nourish, sustain and carry as it’s very nature is life giving.

The flood destroys everything as it passes,

including the rubbish that binds us.

It is not peaceful nor quiet but it does pass, heralding a fresh start.


Mardee Kaylock

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