tears of life



Artwork Title - Tears of Life
Dimensions - 90cm x 160cm

Medium - Acrylic on Canvas

Date - July 2012

Price - FOR SALE - See details below

State/Country - Tasmania, Australia



Through pain and tears, new life grows ’Tears of life’ is an interpretation of a photo Heather took of some Day Lily hybrid leaves in a Tasmanian garden near the Great Western Tiers, on a fresh beautiful rainy day. The droplets in this painting were a representation of tears.  Tears of pain, but also tears of joy and healing.  The painting also has many layers, like our lives.  We are all so different, we carry pain differently, we see things differently, and accepting that is healing too.  The Day Lily is the perfect plant for an area where nothing else will grow! Tough and reliable, and when in flower is colourful and blooms for a long time. Even when times are really tough, when we persevere, there is hope, but the Creator us has it all sorted, and gently guides us home. 








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