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This painting helped to launch me into a totally new community and amazing life I have today!  I had shifted from Tasmania where I had lived for 18 years. In this new place I knew only two people. 

I decided to go and paint it in a local cafe so I could get to know people and possibly get more commissions. Little did I know this community would grow into my beloved home. I would end up owning a gallery and painting studio!  At the time I had no income and no students. This was in 2015 5 years before this book was made. 

The painting was called ‘Rock’ because I needed something that was solid in my life. SO much change, moving from the place all my boys grew up to a strange place. I was hoping that the home we were establishing would anchor me down and help me find solid ground for a while. 

Painting sure does helps me find myself, and the direction I need to go. It is not without its waves and splashes to make life interesting though!

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Time lapse


Full length tutorial

Part 1

Watch a full length videos tutorial to see exactly how to paint this image from start to finish.

Second video

Part 2 is below


Full length tutorial

Part 2

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