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tears of life



Welcome to session 2 of this video tutorial and exercises!

From what I have seen so far, some amazing work has begun to emerge from those of you who have ventured down this path! This week is a little more complicated, but not too much! Just take note of the difference between the darks and lights in the background. 

Read the stories and enjoy the exercises that get us thinking about what tears might mean for you, and the many layers of our lives that mean we have a rich collective of experiences to help direct us along this journey of life!

Click on image below to download the eBook

Screen Shot 2020-04-23 at 12.43.46

Time lapse


Full length tutorial 

Watch a full tutorial on exactly how I paint, what colours I use and where to start and finish and in between too!



Through pain and tears, new life grows ’Tears of life’ is an interpretation of a photo Heather took of some Day Lily hybrid leaves in a Tasmanian garden near the Great Western Tiers, on a fresh beautiful rainy day. The droplets in this painting were a representation of tears.  Tears of pain, but also tears of joy and healing.  The painting also has many layers, like our lives.  We are all so different, we carry pain differently, we see things differently, and accepting that is healing too.  The Day Lily is the perfect plant for an area where nothing else will grow! Tough and reliable, and when in flower is colourful and blooms for a long time. Even when times are really tough, when we persevere, there is hope, but the Creator us has it all sorted, and gently guides us home. 








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