2012  | Acrylic on canvas | 100 x 100cm



The video below documents Heather launching into painting again after nearly a 20-year break.

First a small watercolour, then a larger one, which sold not long after. It was from this point she decided to take up painting professionally. Thanks to Spike Mason for the video, and Lea Mason believing it was possible!







"A moment as the water pools and gathers on leafs end before the droplet falls. In the moment of falling is blessing One rain drop holds inside it life’s reflection Oh to see deeper with our eyes our home our heart and the blessings of the stranger"  Mardee Kaylock



'Blessings' is the first large painting Heather painted after a 17 year break.
She chose water as her subject after spending many months of walking in the bush near Poatina at the foot of the Great Western Tiers.  


"I could not deny there was someone far bigger in control, especially after seeing the intricate detail the Creator went to in creating the leaves I was walking past." Every drop always falls, every drop has life, every drop has a blessing. That water droplet always falls, always blesses. Don't give up, dream, think big, and move towards a joyful life, like the life water brings. 

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